About HARP

Is your home underwater? Is your mortgage higher than your home’s value? Do you have a high interest rate that you wish you could reduce?

You are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from these same problems after purchasing homes during the housing boom.

Thankfully, the government has instituted a program called the Home Affordable Refinance Program, known to many by its acronym, HARP. HARP has made it possible to refinance at today’s historically low interest rates even if you have lost significant equity in your home. Under HARP, you can modify your loan in the following ways when you refinance:
  • Reduce Your Interest Rate
  • Change your loan type from fixed to ARM or ARM to fixed
  • Reduce the term length on your fixed rate loan
  • Change lenders
Learn more about how HARP can help you refinance your current mortgage by checking out our HARP FAQ or contact us to get started today. Ask how you can reduce your closing costs, or even roll them up into your new loan!